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Here are some great links for you to visit. This is just a sample of more helpful links on the way. We will be adding lots more links for our fellow WebTV users, on the WebTV Links page. So check back often!

This Page was last updated on: January 14, 2000

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Comic Exchange

Jim and Sue's Site: Sue, my sister-in-law, and Jim, have a pretty cool site! Jim is the "Karaoke King" of Syracuse!

Dan and Carol's State of Mind: This is a very cool WebTV friendly site. They are a couple of our new "cyber buddies" and have alot of Great stuff to offer you. Go and visit them NOW!!! Also check out their other site called ~RockINsis'Way~ on our WebTV links page.

Daves Music Midees: If you're looking for some cool music to add to your Website or email, then look no further, this site has it all!

New Jimi Hendrix Interactive: Check out this cool Hendrix page that you can interact with by clicking on some images of Jimi. Hear a different song play with each image. Just wait about 30 seconds for page to load. Part of the Macromedia Flash archives.

New WebTrips.Com: Here's a site you MUST visit. It has clips of some pretty funny stuff in "swf" files. They usually take about 30 seconds to load, but well worth the wait! WebTV users can also see and hear these too! (We are NOT responsible for the content of these files.)

The Singing Store: If you like to Karaoke like we do, then check out this site!

LisaViolets Cathouse: This would be one of Dee's favorite sites. Cats, and more cats!

Cats and Pets Links: This page has some of the best pet links on the web. There are at least 100 different sites to visit here. Lots of Cat links too!

New Global Pets 98 - Free Virtual Pet Game Download - Global Pets 98 is an advanced virtual pet game for the computer. Kids loved our free first version, which had over 15,000+ downloads. They are excited to get this new expanded version, with all its fun-filled new features. Pretty cool!

ColaGrrl's Coca-Cola Galore: Grab yourself a coke and check out this site for lots and lots of Coca-Cola Collectibles and Cola collectors!

New The Magic Camera: Try out this new camera. You can have your picture taken via a 35mm camera just by clicking on a button while looking directly at your TV screen. Works great with WebTV too! Just follow the directions. See yourself as never seen before.

Draac's Gifs-123: If you're looking for backgrounds, buttons, icons, bars, etc., this is where you'll get it all. You can spend a week checking out this stuff! A+ A+ A+

Celebrity Phone Answerer: Let celebrities answer your phone via the answering machine. I use "Mr. Spocks" voice to answer my phone.....Cool!

New The "DEATH" Clock: I believe this has some kind of "entertainment" purpose. Find out the day and year of your or someone else's demise. Visit at your "own risk", if you DARE!
Yes! WebTV users, you too can view this, if you really want to!

THE BLACK VAULT: You will find Thousands of US Government cover-up files on UFO's, Secret Military Aircraft, and lots more! This web-site may be a little difficult for WebTV users to access. Once you are at the Main page, click on the first link directly above the text introduction. That seems to work for us. If you get stuck hit your "cmd" button and hold it down, then hit the letter "R" a few times to get out of the frames.

UFO VISIONS: All Believers and non-believers should visit this site about the un-explained!

exoscience UFO: When you get there, click on the "wierd guy" to enter the unknown!

The X-Files Website: This is the only Official X-Files Site!

Bob's WebTV4you: An excellent site for all WebTV users. Includes games, HTML help, and lots more!

Ultra's Webtv Homepage: One of the best WebTV sites on the net, and where I started learning about HTML. An excellent resource for all your web page building needs.

Creative Connectivity Banner Maker:Here's an ideal banner making source that's easy to use, and great for webtv users!

The Banner Generator: Excellent banner making source. A little difficult the first time, but, once you've tried, it's a snap. WebtTV users can also create banners here!

New The Daily Giggle - There are now 5 FREE newletters available from the Foggys Funnies Family of websites! From the award winning Daily Giggle, to the family-friendly Family Fun House weekly, you are sure to find something you like!

FREE 400 URL Registration Service - No Fast Talk Here. It's the most cost efficient URL Registration service. It's FREE! Webmasters choose the Wackiman choice and register your URL's to 400 of the top search engines and sources on the Internet..

Freestuff Frenzy!: Here's an excellent site for anyone who likes to get freestuff, and who doesn't! Very well layed out and easy to navigate.

Up4Sale - Free Auctions Forever! - Bid on thousands of items or start your own auctions for FREE! One of the top auction sites on the net. Over 200 categories for collectibles and more.

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